Jay becomes a registered professional landscape architect by passing the national examination.


Jay Scott, PLA, earns his bachelor of landscape architecture from the University of Georgia

who we are

Jay completes various projects in states throughout the eastern United States, including Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire and Wisconsin 



our historY

Jay Scott

A registered professional landscape architect since 1979, Jay's work includes all types and sizes for both private and public sector clients.

Joan Groover

GreenRock Partners CEO, Joan's background in management and accounting plays a critical role in all projects.



GreenRock Partners is founded.  In addition to traditional landscape architecture, GreenRock will work with communities to maximize underutilized resources and improve quality of life.

GreenRock Partners is a small specialty firm providing full service landscape architecture, urban design and land planning services.

Each project is a unique adventure for us.  No two clients are the same, just as no two project locations are the same.  Our goal is to transform every site into the best adaptation of the client's goals and desires.

No project is too small, and we often team up with other qualified firms when the warranted by the scale of the project.

Each client is a client for life.  We are here to serve.